Aston Villa interested in the Togolese Xavi and good work lads

I don't know much about what happened yesterday but before the game I sort of hoped we'd see some of the younger players get a game and when the team was announced I was really very excited by the prospect of them getting a chance.

It is all good and it was a competitive game but it was against Division Three opposition, so while I am excited and I am positive and it should give Martin O'Neill less reasons not to give these younger players a little more football, it's time to keep feet on the ground and that is all I am doing.

Yes, this was the FA Cup and yes, it was a special day for Brighton, but a special day only gives them more fight and determination - it doesn't make them better players or a better team and you won't find many teams that give more than a Martin O'Neill team on a Tuesday morning, let along 3pm on a Saturday.

But, like I said, hopefully now, the likes of Delfouneso and Albrighton will get another chance at a higher level. All you can ask the like of Delfouneso to do is get themselves in the right positions and when the ball comes to them, that they put it away and he is doing that.

Delph and Albrighton are different because they play in different positions but I don't think anyone can say that Albrighton, when called upon, hasn't delivered and that Delph, has look like maybe it wasn't such a big jump for him to come from the old Division Three. I'm not saying they deserve to be starting every game, I am saying they deserve to be getting more opportunities.

Moving on from the match, the draw for the fifth round is at about 6pm tonight, so we will update this page with our opposition. I'd quite like Reading, but don't ask me why. We are ball number fourteen, for those of you that will be watching.

Sunday Speculation

So, with the business of Arsenal coming up on Wednesday and the need for the three points as important as it really can be, we turn our attention to rumours doing the rounds today.

First up and honestly someone that really should need no introductions is Razak Boukari. Apparently we, along with Everton, are interested and we are willing to pay £3mn. I have to say, that if we can get this lad for £3mn it would be a steal. He is described in his homeland village as the Togolese Xavi and he is only 22 years old.

Yes, you are absolutely right. I have absolutely no idea. Haven't got a clue and really couldn't be arsed in this type of speculation and I can only apologise for bringing it up. I am sorry, please forgive me.

Before I go, there is also a rumour that West Ham are interested in Luke Young. Now, I don't know how much truth there is in this but if I were to give this a rumour rating, it would get a three.

You might be surprised, but some players really do just want to play football and I quite fancy Luke Young is one of those and if he isn't getting football with us, he might very well look elsewhere. I hope he doesn't, I think he is a great player, but O'Neill appears to have doubts.

Anyway, a good bit of business done yesterday. Players should be rested for Wednesday but don't be completely surprised if some that played yesterday also have a part to play on Wednesday - it might be nice if they did too.