Aston Villa lose to Everton

This is a sort of strange post to write because I didn't see the first half today and apparently, we should have had a couple in it and well, we didn't.

From what I'm told Tim Howard made a great save from the penalty spot and there was another chance for Benteke and maybe Weimann, I'm not sure as I didn't see them.

I will say this; if you make a great save from a dead ball twelve yards away, it's mostly because it wasn't a great penalty. And I didn't see it so don't take this as anything other than me hearing Benteke missed from a dead ball situation, but I can't and I never will, get my head around not scoring a penalty.

But from what I saw in the second half, we didn't deserve to win. And that is the sad part of our season because for one reason or another, we're not playing good enough football to beat the teams around us.

And say what you want, Everton are a team around us. Or they should be. They've not spent any more than us and they've also got an old school owner like us, so they're around us and after five games at home this season, we've won only one. It isn't how it should be for Aston Villa.

But because I didn't see the entire game, I'm leaving it here and I'm asking for your views; what is going on with Aston Villa at the moment and did we deserve to lose today?

Leave your comments below please and tomorrow or sometime next week, when I've seen the game, I'll leave my views.

Until then, up the Villa.