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Aston Villa lose to Sheffield United and the special people are out

I've seen a few comments on the previous post and also social media that again, have me baffled. Rather than give the manager a proper chance, knowing everything we know, some supporters will have the manager sacked.

But what do I mean about a proper chance. Well, I don't know, maybe a season in this League and two transfer windows. I mean, he just got us promoted and it's these same supporters that were singing his name earlier this year and suggesting we name a stand after him.

And what do we know? Well, we know that changing managers so often causes issues. This isn't an opinion, it's known to create instability and issues. Sure you might get a little bump with a new manager, but that new manager has to have time too.

So why not give it to the manager that got us promoted, that also just happens to support the Club? What do you honestly think is going to happen, that we're going to get a manager in that is going to win us the League?

We also know that we have owners that are ambitious and will know that they need to strengthen. These same owners will also know the importance of keeping a manager in and giving him a proper chance. Ironically, it's the supporters that start calling for the head of the manager that are the problem and make things worse around the entire Club.

Hands up though. You give this manager three seasons and you don't see progress, I'll be right behind you and I'll understand why, but this isn't the time. This is the time to get behind the team as loudly and proudly as possible. Have you learnt nothing?

We lost yesterday to a team that have had their manager for a lot longer than we have and nobody should be surprised why they looked more like a team yesterday. We could have hoped that our quality would have made a difference, but the key parts of what I've written in this paragraph are 'team' and 'time', you need both to create the opportunity to get better.

And when we start to play a little quicker, when they know each other better, things will get better. I also think there are three worse sides than us in this League, even if it's harder to see this afternoon. But I think by the end of this season, it will be clear.

Song of the day, because it's Christmas soon