Aston Villa matters, shaking it about and me, I'd like to see Liverpool win the league

Big match tonight if you're a Liverpool fan. Doesn't really matter much for us. Sure, it's Aston Villa, but it's a nothing match. We're playing for nothing. If we get spanked nobody will be surprised and even though we've got the manager saying what he thinks he should say, truth is that Liverpool fans are going to be more interested in this one tonight.

Interested because it means something to them. And writing this is just a culmination of knowing that our season was over as soon as we were out of the League and FA Cup. But, we have hope for next season, if it is blind optimism.

But wouldn't it be nice to beat Manchester City. Ironically, if we do win, it will mean something. And we'll have the 'I'm proud of the lads' tweets and we'll also have the 'he still has to comments'. Either way, I'd like to see us win, not just because it means we win, but because it will make this Sunday a lot more interesting and in truth, I'd rather see Liverpool win the Premier League over Manchester City.

It's probably wrong

Yes, Liverpool have spent a lot of money on players too, but they've not done it like Manchester City and last season they finished seventh. This season they are going into the final weekend of the season with a chance of winning it.

Whatever you want to say, it feels more honest, or right, that Liverpool win. Manchester City winning will just go to show that you can buy anything. Liverpool winning will show that it's football first and that belief is a very powerful weapon.

But I'd rather it was none of them and even though I've written what I've written and even though I hate the idea of buying the Premier League, I'd love to do it next season. I'm that cheap.

But it's easy when it's not your side to say that and sadly but hopefully, that changes for us soon.

Aston Villa matters

So, leaving my opinion on the state of the game for a while, let's move on to the match tonight and yes, we could win. I mean, there is nothing to worry about now. Although I do worry that the players have an eye on the beach rather than putting in a performance.

And fundamentally, I think that will be what does it for us tonight. Manchester City are playing for something, we're playing for nothing. We get spanked 5-0 and they still get paid and they know this. We win and that will hopefully show some that Lambert has the ability to get these players motivated when there is nothing to play for.

And I actually think, if he can do that, some might start to think he should get a run next season. But if I was a betting man, I'd not be betting on us getting anything tonight, for the reasons above, so we'll come back to it later, but for now we've got some speculation.

Shake it all about

So, there has been some speculation the last few days about Marc Albrighton and there is apparent interest from Roberto Martinez at Everton. Some even going as far to say a deal is as good as done.

Coincidentally, there is now talk from Lambert that he wants to keel Albrighton at the club. Time will tell but I've got an opinion on why Martinez would like Albrighton and it's a simple one; he's talented but a little like a headless chicken.

Coming through at Aston Villa is tough, but the better players make it. But coming through the ranks at Academy and Reserve is one thing, playing in the Premier League is another, but I do think Albrighton is naturally gifted and he's got bags of energy, which is why I like him coming on with 25 minutes to go and shaking things up a bit.

But, if you were to harness that energy and guide the talent he has, I think he could be an excellent player on a par with the likes of Ashley Young when he was at his best and maybe even better. I think he has all the attributes and maybe, he's just a little smarter.

And while it's natural at this level, there is an element of coaching and looking at specific moments and talking about ways or things that could have been done differently. I think Albrighton is close but for too long now he's ran around not really thinking about what comes next.

Harness that and we've got a fantastic player and I think Martinez is very much the type of manager that would achieve that. Would be nice if it was recognised at our club too. But, that's just an opinion.