Aston Villa must now win FA Cup

I have to tell you, I was convinced we were going to win the League Cup this season, absolutely convinced. I'm so frustrated this morning as I was banking on winning the League Cup to get into Europe next season.

I'm trying to make light because after the post went up yesterday morning I thought there was a consensus that this tournament meant nothing and the focus is very much about the League. I guess the comments last night suggest that people do care.

I hope they wake up this morning and have moved on. It's all about the weekend and if you wanted to look for a positive, if that is something you'd like to do, some of the players last night got a well deserved run out and will hopefully get them closer to the first team.

And I think the eleven changes to the starting eleven also showed us that the manager hadn't put the League Cup as a priority too. For sure, he wanted to win as we all did, but I don't think he is that concerned that we didn't get through and I suspect, quite relieved like I think many Aston Villa supporters will be this morning when they get up.

Time to be a realist

So, while I never thought I was going to have to write this, we now have to put all our eggs in the FA Cup. We have to win the FA Cup this season or we're not going to get European football next season. And you know what, if we don't get European football next season, I'm seriously going to be unhappy.

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