Aston Villa sale price slashed to £25 million, the sense of a rumour and some positive spin

Sometimes I think I should have become a newspaper man, then I remember that it's 2014. Then I remember that actually, these days, that doesn't really matter, not if you're a newspaper man. The story written by James Burt at the weekend has twelve ads on the one page.

But all you have to do is look at the Telegraph homepage to know that they're a newspaper lost in a time gone past. My point is, the story written was written to generate traffic and clicks and even the story contradicts itself.

But it isn't the contradiction, which if you were wondering was when the guy that wrote it titled the post something along the lines of Lerner wanting to cut his losses then referring in the actual post, that Aston Villa was self sufficient. It can't be making a loss if self sufficient and actually paying him back.

Now, you'd think that people would see this. I mean cutting the losses for something that is self sufficient, doesn't make sense, especially when there is money getting made. But what doesn't make even more sense is why someone would throw away £50mn when there is no need.

The generation gap

Have we become that generation when we think a multi millionaire can afford to throw away a fairly large percentage of his actual money, because we think that £50mn isn't a large amount? I suppose twelve ads on a single page confirms that. People would have clicked on them too.

When I used to buy papers, I used to buy the Telegraph, but that was a long time ago. I'm also not responsible for generating page impressions and clicks each day. I also enjoy waking up and I didn't go to school wanting to become a frontline reporter in the Middle East.

In Aston Villa news

So, that's that. Aston Villa lost to Chelsea, in the same manner we lost to Arsenal and the same manner we will lose to Manchester City. That's the news, but it's something we should embrace in advance and not try to make worse than it is.

The news coming from the club this week will be all positive. It will be about how we're going to bounce back and all that PR. Don't expect a Tom Cleverley Twitter Q&A, but you know what I mean.

Oh and for some strange reason but just for links and clicks, expect more stories about Delph and Vlaar and interested clubs. But that's just speculation because they haven't yet signed a new contract and should be expected.

I'm off to fix what needs to be fixed with a hammer, saw and some nails.