Let the speculation begin: The transfer window is open and the season is over

Wigan was Wigan. Win, lose or draw we had survived and while we didn't completely play like a side that was more interested in the beach, we didn't play like a side that was fighting for anything that important, but nobody can be blamed for that. It was the last day of school.

And this horrid and frightening season is now behind us and instead, we have the transfer window to look forward to and the window opened at midnight last night.

Now, that doesn't mean business is going to get done right away, there are over three months of it to come, but something tells me we might move quite quickly this time round.

The definition of a big summer signing

But our manager has suggested that there will be no big moves this summer saying that "those days have gone", but what exactly is a big signing; is it a Darren Bent or a Christian Benteke?

Paul Lambert talking about summer transfers for Aston Villa

We have stripped it right back. We want players who are hungry. I look at players with character, not those who just want money.

Paul Lambert

I quite like what he's said there. You want a player that is more interested in playing football than coming for what he can get. But that is probably the same for all players, some just know they can get more money. But look at the likes of Lowton and Bennett this year; they've paid for themselves and they'd done well.

And there are others I can mention, my point is, getting similar players might not be a bad thing. But I do expect that we will see some maturity join this summer too and quite probably in the middle of the park.

You need the blend of youth and experience and I think we lacked it this season, even if we did get better towards the end. I also don't think there will be that many changes to the team or formation that starts next season to the one that has played so well the last few games.

There are some obvious players that will be leaving or the club will be hoping to move on, but the writing has been on the wall for those players for some time. If anything, what this manager did last summer would suggest that predicting what he is likely to do or not do, is going to be a lot more difficult.

That is my roundabout way of saying that the odd speculation post might be making a return this summer. It might turn out to be fun.