Proper football is back and looking for the bunny

It's so nice to have proper football back. That international break is for ego and money. It's not how it used to be. I mean, why do England need to quality for it. It should be like the Eurovision song contest - we put so much money in, we're in.

But then, there wouldn't be as much money or ego involved and that is what the game is all about these days. But enough of what is wrong with the game, lets talk Aston Villa instead because this weekend, we've got Wolves at Molineux.

And this wont be an easy game. It's going to be a game of courage and risk. It's going to be a game that defines a team because every player, regardless of position and where the ball is, will have to be 100% for us to leave with the three points.

Or Wolves have a bad day. But that doesn't seem likely if you look at the form table. They currently six fourth and as you all know we are top. But the international break can either be very good for you or very bad. By very good, I mean you keep your form up and you're re-energised. By very bad, I mean you just crumble.

That can happen to either side. I like to hope that we go into this re-energised and up for it. We're away from home and this is very much a derby match. And we have to win. Winning will put us one point behind Wolves and I suspect, very much in the top six. Something that only a few weeks ago, most didn't expect.

So, with all that written you just have to hope that we hit the ground running. But it's also important to remember that if this match doesn't turn out to be three points, away from home in a derby match to the team that are second in the table, it's how we bounce back, not all out the world is ending and our season is over that will only make us look like a Howard.

So, with that written, I'm done. And I'm away at the moment in San Francisco, so if anyone knows of a pub or place to watch the game or if anyone is in San Francisco and wants to watch the game, I'm up for it. With a beer would be nice, but it will be a bit early. But then again, why not. Until Saturday.

Anyone remember this