A point against Leeds, the football and January

I'm not worried that we're not going to finish in a play-off place. I'm a little disappointed that I'm starting to accept we're not going to finish in an automatic place. But there is still time and I accept that it's not the fault of the manager that he was brought in half way through the first half of the season.

And even though our most lively player is Kodjia I think January is going to be a good month for us. I think with him and Ayew off for the Africa Cup of Nations, we're going to see McCormack given a proper chance and I think if we play to his strengths, we're going to see a natural goal scorer in his element.

And I also think we have too many options up front and because of that, we're making it difficult for ourselves. Our midfield isn't quick enough or it's maybe because we don't have a leader or playmaker in the middle of the park, but by the time we've got control of the ball we've got three or four players all in position waiting for the ball and there is little movement. It very quickly becomes a very crowded final third.

And it's not just McCormack that will get his chance with the Africa Cup of Nations, I think we will also see Adomah get more time and I think if we play to his strengths, we're going to see more opportunities created. Kodjia is our liveliest player and many will say best, but he's also the least likely to pass the ball and the most likely to shoot instead of play someone else in. But I also quite like that.

I think Kodjia plays that way because there is a lack of options and I think that will come if Adomah and McCormack are given a chance in January and we play to their strengths i.e. Adomah on the wing and McCormack as the main striker.

One in January

And I still think we're missing that one player that we didn't sign in the summer, the midfielder that can see an opportunity and quickly distribute, but if that player is to come, others have to know what their role is. More importantly, we have to start playing with purpose and that basically means, not putting our foot on the ball and waiting for everyone to be ready before we start to attack.

We were fortunate last night and for the most part the standard of football wasn't great, but things are heading in the right direction. We're within touching distance of the top six and we have to hope that if we manage to get there, we have enough luck on our side to take us the rest of the way or by that time, Steve Bruce has this team winning with purpose.

Cardiff on Monday next and we need three points and it would be nice to see Adomah and McCormack start and to see us play with a little purpose.

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