Baker leaves, AVTV Live announced and Graham Taylor match

Woop woop. A new service has been launched by the Club and if you're an overseas fan, like me, you can get all the games live. Now, I'm not expecting it to be as good as Sky, but this makes next season a lot more interesting. And with a price of £110 for the season - it's a steal.

My only concern ... It took the Club years to figure out how to do radio right. I hope it doesn't take as long with a service like this.

More on the service next week when you can sign up.

But that's the good news. Now to the not so great news. Nathan Baker has left and Aaron Tshibola has joined MK Dons for a season long loan. This isn't great news, because as many of you will remember, I liked Baker a lot and I could only see him getting better with the right coaching.

I stress the coaching bit, because we haven't had a decent manager in a long time and there has always been this attitude that we can buy instead of coach and develop. The irony is, I think we've got the right manager right now and this has happened. But I suppose he had had enough. I can't blame him and he's gone to a Club where he did really well.

I hope this doesn't come back to haunt us like Cahill did. And I know Baker divides opinion, but for me, he was one of ours and his head was very much in the right place.

Tshibola on the other hand will be back next season if only because we know it's a loan. I don't think he'll ever play for us again, but you can hope.

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Video of the day

Watch the match below. How about this for a video of the day?