Back to work, first match next week and so many girls

Well, they're back for pre-season and some say it's the most important part of the season. With that said and if you think it's remotely true or even if you just accept that having players together for as long as possible before the season kicks off has to be a good thing, then you've got to fancy some things are going to happen this week.

And it might not be about players coming in. It could also be about players leaving. If it's true for us, it's certainly true for other clubs wanting to have players together as quickly as possible. But time will tell.

And there is the increased speculation that Benteke will be leaving. Or actually there is the increased speculation that Liverpool will meet the rumoured buy out clause of £32.5mn and there was even one headline that I saw today that read Christian Benteke will snub Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea to join Liverpool. Now we know it's all true because if Arsenal or Chelsea were in for him, he'd definitely pick Liverpool.

The Benteke saga is just going to continue and we have to let it unfold. It would be nice if he came out and send he wouldn't be leaving or that this was his club and that he loved the club and he was his for the long run, but we can't expect every player to do a Delph.

And the manager has said today that he wants Benteke to stay, but if there is a release clause and the offer is met, I'm not sure the club have much say in the matter. The manager can have an opinion and maybe there is something he knows that we don't, but if that clause exists, then the club have little control if someone comes along and meets it.

Players coming in

So for me, seeing as we know Delph is staying, it's all about the players coming in and you all know I'm not a big fan of lots of changes. I accept that we need two or three players and that we might need to strengthen further in January, but it looks like we have our two and if rumours are to be believed, we might very well have a third about to arrive.

So, if business is close to done, it's now about pre-season and there is football next week. If you're anywhere near the Albufeira then it's Fulham and Bristol City and the 11th and 17th respectively. Until then, let the madness continue, but if you want my advice, you'd be better off waiting for the season to start and letting the next few weeks just drift by. He writes as he hits refresh.

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