Baffling Aston Villa, are there three worse sides and getting my feet wet

I did write a post for this morning, but I'm a little worried it will ruffle a few too many feathers and some will get annoyed. Instead, I'm reverting to my Paul Lambert has until October position. But that doesn't matter either, because he signed a new contract last month.

And that really baffles me. He's a one point a game manager with Aston Villa (1.25 with Norwich in the Premier League) and for some strange reason, when we were at 2.5 points a game four games in, it was decided to then award him a new contract. After four games!

I've asked the club what the rationale behind the new contract was after just four games, but I also know they don't want to answer because the logical response is that they're happy with what he's doing. Roughly translated that means 'happy with mediocrity'.

Sure, Aston Villa could be too big for Paul Lambert and Lerner might think it's too big for him, but he's had the wrong people around him from day one. Maybe the new CEO is the right man to have around him and he's saying all the right things, or has said all the right things, but nothing is pointing to Lambert changing the football and the football has to come first.

Football first

Two shots on target against Everton. I mean, had we scored every shot we had on target, we would have still lost.

And October can easily be extended, but if we don't beat QPR .. hell I don't want to think about that. But the thing that I can't help but thinking at the moment is that I can't actually see three worse sides than us at the moment. And for the previous two seasons, I've always seen three worse sides than us.

But yes, my gut is very much leaning to Lambert doesn't have it in him, but because I'm soft, my position is now that maybe he gets a few more games. You could say I'm no longer on the fence and my feet are well and truly wet.