Beating Bruce, Rotherham on Wednesday and beating complacency

What a nice three points at the weekend. A fortunate three points, but who cares. And when I say fortunate, I mean we were lucky. Not many would have happily accepted a draw before kick-off but at 75 minutes, many would have.

Me, I had a fair chunk of change on us to win, so I was very happy with the last couple of minutes and naturally always thought we'd win.

Okay, maybe not. It was tough. But winning like we did is a sign. It's an indication of something more. It's what makes me believe we're going to end up in the top six by the end of the season and what makes me believe we'll be heading to Wembley in May. And I don't think it's wrong to write that.

Not as long as we continue to approach every game as we have done. We can't afford to slip or become complacent because that is what will beat us. But if we approach every game just like the last six, we will make it and this year, hopefully we'll do one better than last year. And yes, I'm feeling very optimistic.

And the nice thing about my optimism right now is that there isn't a single reason for it, there are several. I'm not going to list them all but they are there for us to all see week in week out. It's nice and again, as long as we approach the games the same way, I've got a good feeling.

Rotherham on Wednesday

Fortunately, it's another match on Wednesday. I say fortunately because it's nice to have football on a regular basis. And Rotherham have struggled this season but they've just beaten Forest and considering that was just after getting spanked by Derby, it's a good result.

And that is why I always get nervous with these matches. These are the matches we need to go into and not become complacent. Go into this wanting to win and always trying to score, we can score a few and we should win. Go into the match expecting to win and expecting it to happen and we can get into trouble.

I don't think that will happen and I'm not suggesting it looked like that against Sheffield Wednesday. I'm just trying to point out that that is where we will be caught out. We have a team full of capable players, better than most in this League and we're finally playing as a team. And I'm confident we'll go into Wednesday wanting to win. I might even put my winnings from Saturday on it.

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