Beating Fulham and you don't get what you don't go for

I've started an experiment this week and it's about getting up 5am every morning and doing instead what I do in the evenings, catching up on email, and updates about what is happening around me with clients and things I'm interested in professionally.

It's only day two, but it feels nice and I failed a little last night because of the result. No, I failed last night because of the performance. But you don't want to hear about my experiment, you want to hear about the match and the live draw for the #LoveLuke competition.

And first things first, it was the performance that stood out last night. It was good. There was running and chasing and intelligent play. Did everyone see John McGinn, for me the man of the match (that view will change by the end of this post, because there were a few man of the matches last night), he was awesome.

And it looked like one of those performances from the back end of last season. There was a belief and we went for it. We didn't sit back and try to not lose. We went for the win and we got it. You don't get what you don't go for.

And there are so many superlatives I could use about last night and it's not often I have written that, that it would end up boring you. We all or most of of us saw it and if we haven't yet, I'm sure you will soon, even if it's not as much fun watching a match when you know the result. And a little disclaimer, it was Fulham and they had let in a lot of goals already this season, but you still have to go out there and want the win and we did last night.

And we're the only team in the top flight not to have conceded a goal. And our defenders are scoring goals in every game. There is something nice about the start, we all know it. It feels great. I'm going to have a good day.


Competition winner

I'm going to do a video or the draw, I'll stream it live. But I'm busy and I'm sorry. I'll make time. I promise. And before I do it, I'll share a link in the comments.