Beating Watford, new players and strenghts

It's nice to have a weekend off. I can instead of always be thinking about 3pm, do some other stuff instead. That might involve taking the skis out, taking my daughter to the horses and showing her how it's done. There is a chance also that I get out of bed, make breakfast and wait until it feels about right top open a bottle of red and have a nice afternoon nap.

But as there is no Aston Villa until Tuesday, it's nice to reflect on the week and it's been an interesting one.

Tuesday was a good night. I missed it because I was on a flight and the internet wasn't good but by the time I landed I was very happy. Obviously having just seen the highlights I can't comment on the game, but I have read that we put in a shift. I also read that Reina made a difference too and I'm really quite enjoying him signing.

And looking at the stats, it looks like we had the most of it and it's not often we have seen that. It's a good result and I also think I read something somewhere this week that Dean Smith sides also finish the season better than they start it. I'm not sure where I read that or if it's just something I want to believe, but it does give a little more confidence for the rest of the season.

But it is just confidence and we've seen many false dawns. But I do like the effort and that hasn't been missing all season. That hasn't been missed under Dean Smith.

In other news, we signed Louie Barry from Barcelona this week also for nearly a million quid. And it turns out he's an Aston Villa fan too. I'm not sure what to think of this, but it's not my money and Barcelona liked him enough to say he was "one of the best young players in English football" when they signed him.

And there is talk that there are more players coming. I think it's fair to assume there may be another striker but Keinan Davis is also back in training and you all know I like Keinan Davis. He's a smart player and he just needs a run in his preferred position, playing to his strengths.

Which leads me to Mbwana Samatta who signed earlier this week also. I hasn't heard of him before the signing so can't really comment. We signed him from Genk and the last person we purchased from them turned out okay, so maybe things turn out okay this time. But again, we have to play to his strengths.

Playing to strengths is also important for every player. It looks like we do that well generally, but I'm not sure we've figured out how to do that when attacking. But it's still early under Dean Smith and there is plenty of time. And with that written, I only have 20 minutes until the ski hill opens, so I need to get moving. I think I'll skip the horses and instead open that wine later and watch some FA Cup football.

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