Radio at bedtime, has anything happened and is Gabby still at Villa?

I've not posted in a while because frankly there has been nothing to post about. And if you want pointless posts about Aston Villa, I'm sure you can find them somewhere else. I mean, nothing is happening, so why should I bother?

It's about knowing your place. My place isn't to create a post about every bit of news. It was, but I've grown up and become a grumpy old man. Let me explain further. I turned on TalkSport the other night, quite by accident, but thought I'd give it a go because it was bed and I wanted something dull. But then I started to get so angry. It was that ex Chelsea player Jason Cundy and while I don't know him, I do know that you can buy him and even if it's quite a decent sum, I don't think I'd want to be friends with such a well known whore.

What I mean is, he tells the world every night that he can be paid to say anything. And I mean that because nobody is as stupid as he is. But his colleague right next to him is the same. But they're owned by the same people as Sky Sports and we know they are part of the problem. But I got grumpy because of the bile coming out of his mouth and turned over to Radio 5 instead. But then that didn't go well either.

There were two young women just agreeing with everything anyone said, talking about how fantastic everything was. It was just too preppy and there wasn't an opinion. It got so much, that I actually turned that off and ended up on Radio 4. I don't remember much of that program as I got to sleep. My point, I've become grumpy and I'm not going to copy and paste news or regurgitate opinion for you.

That is why posts are going to be less this summer. Instead, I'm thinking a new post every two weeks or thereabouts.

It will be a little like a podcast, but words. And possibly longer, a lot longer. Until the season starts that is. I mean, is there anything I should have had an opinion about recently Aston Villa related?

A post was needed

But you need a post and I have to write something other than my bedtime habits. So here is a list.

  • Tom Fox has a new job in football. He'll do well with the San Jose Earthquakes because well, I could do well with them. I'm over later in the year and not far from where they are. I might go watch a game with my Villa short on.
  • Our owner went into hospital. Worrying about something for 20 years and he finally got it seen to. I hope he doesn't take that long with our Club.
  • I live overseas these days. Very soon there will be an announcement meaning I'll be able to watch every game live. This is nice news for us that don't live in the UK anymore. I suspect it will be nice news for all Aston Villa fans.

Did I miss anything?