Bet of the day, results count and another line please

So, Allan Hutton wasn't named as the cocaine fiend last night - I guess you could say the speculation that started on the Spurs blog is very much still speculation. But we did find out a former clown, now playing in Scotland used cocaine - a revelation.

I was going to comment on how cocaine is everywhere and dependent on how much you are paying, you sort of know what you're getting and how none of us would be surprised if it turned out that use of the drug was happening at every club, but I'll leave that for now.

You see, since Mutu was banned, there have been a further 24 bans for drug use - 15 of them have been after positive tests for cocaine and of those 15 players, all but one have been kept secret.

One more line

So, drugs are all over the place, much like prostitutes and gambling and things maybe that shouldn't be mentioned on a blog, so I'm making another line. No more drugs - we just accept it and turn a blind eye to it.

But, as Aston Villa fans, can we? You see, the player that the TV programme last night outed was Garry O'Connor and it turns out the club he was at when all this happened was The Clowns and the club and manager covered it up.

Who was the manager at the time? Yes, it was our current manager and yes, you can argue he is doing his job - but the allegation is he covered it up to sell the player and didn't tell the club he was sold to.

There is a line to be drawn and no doubt someone is going to say he defended his player, but he didn't - he sold him for cash and if the allegation is true, hid the fact the player was loving his coke and no good to anyone.

The line is drawn, but it does call into question the integrity of the manager and if can you believe what he says next time he talks about an injury to a player or anything else for that matter.

Results are all that count

I'm going to say this though, I don't care what the manager says and his actions could, if you look at them in a twisted and blinkered way, come across as admirable.

The manager should be judged on results, not what he has said or done or not said and not done.

Results are all that matter for this manager and even if some don't think he is up for it, he has to get his chance, it isn't about actions or words for him, it is about three points and the table at the end of the season.

Football is very much a closed club and once you're in, they will look after you - they have to look after you and for the manager, it is a results only business.

If it doesn't work out for him, he'll get another job, because he is in that club and well thought of - much like players, which is why they are protected when they get caught and why even the authorities turn a blind eye to it.

Bet of the day

I like Champions League betting but tonight is tough, so I'm having a fiver on Barcelona, Porto and Borussia Dortmund. If they all win, it is £25, but they are all risky, but gambling is.

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