Better weekend, Wednesday football and Burnley on Sunday

While updating a few things on the site and some of my zaps last night I think I might have done something I shouldn't.

Work stuff is going to private email and our team Slack is all over the place. It's only a matter of time before the day starts with questions, so I'm going into hiding. 

And I know for certain I did something I shouldn't because there was supposed to be a post here this morning and not this one. I'm writing this while having my coffee and toast and can't find the other. And because I don't have the time this morning to write it all again, I'm summarising the last few days.

First, the Everton result. Even in the post that was supposed to be here, I don't go into much detail. There is little for me to write that you don't all get from watching this.

If Newcastle was the worst result we are going to have this season and this is what happens directly after, I've got a feeling we might see more results like this. And that isn't something I would have written before because even if it happened, I wouldn't have expected it. 

I do now. That's strange right?

In other news, Aaron Ramsey signed for Burnley for a rumoured £14mn with a buy back clause and we play Burnley on Sunday. I was hoping we'd see him and his brother playing together, but it looks like we might just have to see them go up against each other now.

More on Burnley after the match against Hibs tonight. And yes, I was supposed to be there but I have a confession, I didn't want to go to Scotland. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Scotland, it's just I didn't want the three flights to get there and three flights back. Instead, I'm hoping we get through these two matches and have a match somewhere I've not been to a few times before. Although I am going to miss my square sausage for breakfast.

And it's on TV. If you're in the UK, it will be available on iPlayer and if you're not, I think you'll need to look out for comments. All that written, we still have a week of the transfer window and there is too much smoke to think there isn't another player coming in after Nicolò Zaniolo last week.

And on Nicolò Zaniolo, will we see him tonight? I think we will. And any predictions?