Big numbers, one of those days and what a time to be an Aston Villa fan

I'm a fan of statistics or more to the point, numbers. But I think when there is so much data, you can make those numbers read as you want them to read and it's very easy to create a narrative. I like the big numbers where it's tough to argue, even if sometimes you can.

The big numbers for me, when looking at a football match are the numbers I think we've become used to. Possession, shots (on target and not) and passes (completed and not). But this is just me and I know I can be convinced about other numbers.

I was listening to someone on the radio yesterday who used the term 'man management' when talking about the attributes of a certain manager. And for everything a manager has to do, I think this is one of the most important. And I've long written about the importance of the manager and why he is the most important person at a club.

And I'm writing about this today because we can't win or not lose every game and sometimes, despite best efforts, the other team just get it right on the day and yesterday, I think Manchester United got closer than we did and when that happens, it's just one of those days. We were better in the second half but in the first, they just did that thing that put us on the back foot and for whatever reason, it didn't work as expected.

You might want to say that it was actually nice to see us not concede more. I mean, if we look at the numbers I like, they had six times as many shots on target as we did and we only had one. Yesterday wasn't what we have become used to but it could have been a lot worse and all things considered, what a time to be an Aston Villa fan.

And like I wrote the other day after Brentford I think, it's about how you perform in the next match that is important and next up we are at Wolves. And with Spurs up after that and us now on the same points and the same number of games as Spurs, next Saturday is very important.

And on that, it's time to get some breakfast and I don't know, maybe go for a walk.