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Birds flying high you know how I feel: Time for a bite

I feel like the guy at the party that is about to tell everyone to go home because it is late but everyone wants to keep going until the sun comes up. Don't hate me, but all that happened yesterday was what was going to happen.

And I also want to use the phrase pissing on the bonfire but it feels like I could be pouring petrol on it - I don't mean to do this, but we have to be aware of the quality of the coffee bean getting placed in the grinder. It's no good having a great coffee maker and nice cups and the best grinder if the coffee bean is bought from Tesco.

Yes, I am looking at a new coffee machine, so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know, but moving on; a new manager is coming.

Speculation is going to be horrible

I've seen a few names thrown about on the page yesterday and Twitter and while I have to hold my hands up and say there is a certain appeal to Lambert or Martinez, I also believe that we have a wonderful opportunity to do this right and rushing in could be hazardous.

The appeal with Lambert is that his teams play with a bit of fight and for the most part look to want to play the right way, but at the exact same time, he has had one season in the Premier League and a lot of managers have one good season in the Premier League. Would we have been happy with Phil Brown after his first season?

Don't get me wrong, Lambert is worth a punt but he might not be able to attract the type of player that we might all want to see at Villa Park and he is going to need two or three seasons. If Aston Villa fans are happy with Lambert, they also have to be happy with giving him time and everything that comes with a young manager still learning his trade.

It is a serious question and one that needs serious thought especially because there are other options.

Another name thrown about a lot yesterday was Martinez but he said no last year and for that reason alone, I'd not want him, but I'm stubborn. I'm also not convinced he has it. I think he has and I've seen some football from Wigan this season that has been fantastic, but it isn't about one or three games, it is about a season and for whatever reason, I'm not convinced.

A legacy awaits

I'm going to end today, maybe saying one more hour. Aston Villa are a massive club. We have a very proud history and Randy Lerner has an opportunity right now to churn out the bright future line and have everyone believing it again, mostly because of the blind optimism that surrounds the appointment of a new manager.

But it isn't just about one man. It is about the right man and not rushing in. On the other hand, Lerner could have started the search and evaluation weeks or months ago and the conclusion could be that Lambert is the man. I just think that is a little convenient and there are other options, but successful managers from overseas are going to want money and while I believe some is going to be available this summer, I'm not sure it is going to be that much.

But, for the right man, there is a great opportunity. Actually, for the right man, there is an opportunity of a lifetime. But it isn't just about one man because change is still needed at the club. Firing McLeish was necessary, but he wasn't the real problem.