Blind optimism isn't a bad thing and a new regulator

We didn't lose at the weekend but we are still 15th and things are not what we probably would have hoped or expected for this stage in the season. And when we see what is happening with Newcastle, it makes you think. When you see what is happening with Everton, it gives you ideas.

Basically, we are in that stage where we have to have blind optimism. Many will know I'm not a fan of blind optimism but that is all we have right now and we just have to believe that Steven Gerrard is going to get it right, despite all things suggesting he wont. We have to believe that he's more than a pundit and that he can translate all all these great words and opinions into something on the pitch.

As you all know, it's easy to talk a good game.

And many would say he failed at Rangers, that winning one out of nine trophies isn't success, but I like to think that he learnt a lot too. And in my line of work, learning is a good thing, especially if you do actually learn. It does worry me a little that at Rangers everyone else did the important stuff for him and that I suspect that is happening here too, but again, we have to have the blind optimism and it's just a hunch.

And Frank relegating Everton might not be because he has so little experience and little respect from the players as a manager. It might be because of the players and what the previous manager did. It could have been the plan the entire time, I mean, that is why they call him Red Rafa. As conspiracy theories go, I know that is on the extreme side, but in the world of football blogging, extreme is where we live.

I should also say that Frank the Bank hasn't relegated Everton yet and he could very well keep them up. I should also say that I think if they do go down, it will be because of him and he was the wrong choice from day one. I should also say that Eddie Howe has Newcastle climbing the table, not because of the players he brought in, but because he has over 500 games in management, has a style and he has got the players he has playing a certain way and believing.

Our manager has over 200 games and I believe he is learning. And while I might not be a fan of blind optimism, I'm also not a fan of sacking managers, especially when I believe they are learning and there is a chance. I also think that if we get to a place where we start to talk about sacking the manager, the CEO has to go first and when we get to that place, that will be the leader.

The point of this post; it's not as bad as it could be and we have to suck it up.

In other news there is a new independent football regulator in England coming. Let's see if they can really do anything or if this is just more PR. Football has been broken for a long time now and it's only going to be fixed if bodies like this have real power.