Bolton tomorrow, Fabian Delph, Stephen Ireland and what stupid people say

Bolton is a big match tomorrow. Players should be rested and hopefully very keen to show us that last week wasn't just a one off. I don't think it was and if you look at the current form table - you'll see we are sixth. I think things are starting to work and with a bit of luck, three points will be ours.

But Bolton is usually not a very nice play to go and they've not had the best run of late, although they are trying to play better football and I've got a feeling that Owen Coyle is destined for a bigger club.

Not about them, it's about Aston Villa

But this is not about Bolton. Tomorrow is all about us. We need to see the attitude we saw last time out against Blackburn and the players have to be strict and disciplined in their approach, but I suspect that is exactly what the manager is drilling into them.

We can win tomorrow, everything is starting to play out as it should, but we are only starting the second chapter, but this is when this book is really going to grab us.

Dunne out for a month

A little early team news; Richard Dunne won't be in the team tomorrow. He has injured his shoulder and will be out for three or four weeks. Chances are Collins will replace him and Clark will continue at centre back.

What stupid people say

Players these days are paid too much money and that money gives some of them a false feeling of importance and in some instances, intelligence. You could pay me £10,000 a week and guarantee is for four years and I'll do pretty much anything you ask, literally. The thing is, most of us would.

To top it all off, if you were to pay me to play football and for Aston Villa, I'd do it for a tenth of that money. Hell, at my age, I'd pay you if I could play each week for twenty minutes.

Stephen Ireland
Birmingham is a rubbish town as it is, but on top of that I wasn't playing, so I wasn't going to make that effort.

Personally, I love Birmingham and if I wasn't playing, or to bring it back into the real world, things were not going to plan at work, I'd be putting in more effort, reading more, talking more and doing my best to figure out why and put things back on track. But stupid people say stupid things.

Fabian Delph signs

Fabian Delph signs new deal with Aston Villa

Some very good news now; Fabian Delph has singed a deal at the club until 2015. This lad has bags of potential and his attitude and willingness to pretty much play anywhere for the club, speaks loads about him as a player and a man.

Fabian Delph
I am absolutely delighted. The club has shown great commitment in me by offering me this deal and I was more than happy to sign it. I want to push on now, improve and play a part as we look to finish the season on a high and build for next season.

Bolton odds

Lastly for now, odds on tomorrow. A cheeky bet is good for the soul and if you click a link and place a bet, it is good for my beer collection too.

Something forgotten

Maybe not the last thing then, but I have a feeling I've forgotten something, but I'm not sure what. If you remember for me, let me know below.