Boos at Villa Park after defeat to West Ham

Someone once said that I don't post after a defeat. That's usually because I did a few years ago, but as I've got older I've learnt that it's probably best to wait. But today, I can't and I've got to post now or it might not happen.

You see, despite the two transfer windows and the clear improvement in squad, we're doing worse this season than we did last season and we're seeing very little to nothing in terms of improvement, direction or purpose. There were boos at Villa Park at the final whistle today also.

And it's not just me questioning the manager. In fairness, I questioned it from day one because most managers, if given the Rangers job, would win more than one trophy from a possible nine. You ask any football fan in Scotland and they'll tell you that is failure if you're the Rangers manager and if you ask Rangers fans today, they'd not have him back because they're doing better without him.

And I've got to write this next part, but the blame shouldn't be on Gerrard, it should be on the CEO, Christian Purslow. Sure, I know many are going to not agree with me here, but he's the one that got rid of Dean Smith and brought in his manager. And using the Christian Purslow reasons from last year, then Steven Gerrard has to be worried.

The chances of us having another one of ours in the big job is so slim and while the run of form Smith was on when he got sacked wasn't great, it was still early in the season, he had new players and I believe he would have had us finishing higher than the season before, because he had done that in every season before.

It's not great so far, it really isn't. But there is still time and as long as red line soon passes the blue, we should be happy. But we need to see something soon, because right now, we're seeing a manager not knowing what to do.

The chart is back

Aston Villa this season versus last season