Bradford in the League Cup, Chelsea in the Premier League

Right, let me get this said and written straight away; I'm not saying we're certain of a place in the final. I'm saying, we have a bloody good chance, better than Chelsea and Swansea anyway. Every team wanted Bradford and for good reason.

But you have to put things into context and in this particular case it's that Bradford are in League Two or for those of you, like me, who are a little old fashioned, Division Four.

And I'm not even going to get carried away with it, but if you were a betting man you'd put your money on us getting to the final and then if we did, this raises some serious points for debate. Then, if and when we got to a final, it's 50/50 and anything can happen.

And as of right now, you can get 12/5 on Aston Villa winning the League Cup this season. This is only going to get worse, so if you are a betting man, it might well be worth a punt. You can get that price at PaddyPower here.

I'm not going to get carried away and I firmly believe that the players wont go into the first match thinking this is an easy tie. I think they'll go into it and win much like I think they'll go into the second match and win that too, just to make absolutely sure that nothing embarrassing happens.

Chelsea first

But before the semi-finals and in particular before this week is over, we have Chelsea, a team the winners of our semi-final could meet in the final. And I'm not sure what your views are on this, but I think Red Rafa is slowly turning things around for them.

So they'll not be easy this weekend, but they will be tired. However, this will be a very hard match that could just as easily see us winning as losing. I don't see a draw.

I don't see a draw because if we approach this game like we did against Liverpool, either of the Manchester Clubs and Arsenal, Chelsea will score. It's a case of, playing that way, can we score more than them. I'm not convinced.

But we defended well against Wigan last time out and got the result, so there is hope. There is a possibility. Sunday will be an interesting day.