More changes likely to come and we shouldn't forget Brentford

I'm honest to God not sure what is more important to some Aston Villa fans. As long as we bring in players, some seem ecstatic and with all these new players, they get angry if we don't instantly win. They don't care that the players we are bringing in are pretty much Championship players, while the players we seem to be letting go are heading to the Premier League.

There is no correlation between the former CEO, the poor decisions made with the manager and the fact that the players are going back to the Premier League. Pennies are not dropping.

And sure, maybe all we can attract right now are experienced Championship players or players that just want to play in England at the biggest Club in the Championship with ambitions of promotion, but that doesn't take away from them not getting Premier League moves but the players that are leaving do.

And for the dogs abuse Ashley Westwood has had, if he does leave today (it could have already happened as far as I know, I've been that busy), I'm surprised he lasted this long. And it's not helped by so called smart people thinking this is good. All this disruption isn't good, yet we continue to make it.

I can understand why. It creates a false optimism. And it could be that CEO and owner have resigned themselves to another season in the Championship and this January is just a case of getting ot over and done with, but players are still moving to the Premier League and we're still signing Championship players.

I hope it's a case of just getting all the business done now and that next summer, if we still find ourselves in the Championship, we don't go through this again. I hope these new players get a chance. I hope that some supporters don't start calling for some to be sold and another new group of players to be brought in during the summer.

And I could be wrong and they could all gel tomorrow and we go on an unbeaten run. Stranger things have happened in football.

At Brentford

But before the real madness begins, we also have a football match and we're playing a team we have never lost to and a team that has won only one of their last eight matches at home. You've got to fancy if there were a handful of teams we should be beating, one of them is Brentford. And yes, at the start of the season, I'd not have used a term to suggest just a few sides.

And a win tonight would be a positive thing. We'd hopefully move up the table. It's not guaranteed, but there is a good chance. I say a good chance because The Clowns are above us, but since getting a new manager, they've not won a match. They're still above us because they had a decent manager they sacked. They really are the joke that keeps on giving.

And we need to win too. Oh how we need a win.

Team news and updates coming later. And no doubt, it's going to get silly today, so there is a fine chance I'm going to stay away.