Bristol Rovers in the FA Cup, Darren Bent and Robbie Keane

I'd like to look at this match with some positivity, so instead looking at our football, lets look at Bristol Rovers, because they are 19th in Division 4.

Crewe, who are 15th in the same Division 4 put five past them at the Memorial Stadium where we are going to tomorrow and they are getting less points per game than us at the moment, so this really should be a walk in the park for us.

It should be. It really should be. The way Bristol Rovers are playing at the moment we should be able to send our reserve side and feel confident and that isn't a joke.

But our manager isn't capable and is going to be gone soon. We know it, the players know it and the Bristol Rovers team know it. So, anything is actually possible.

But it wont. Aston Villa will win tomorrow because the gap is too big. Alex McLeish could stay at home and we'd win. Actually, if Alex McLeish did stay at home for all games, we'd probably win more - just through luck.

Rumour and speculation

So, we move on to the part of the month that I don't like; rumours. You've got sites that will publish every bit of 'in the know' speculation they find on Twitter or Facebook but I like to stay away from it until there is a credible reason to think otherwise.

So, now we need to talk about Robbie Keane coming for two months and all the speculation surrounding Darren Bent. Both have credible reasons why we need to mention them.

First to Keane and it is only a two month deal and you know what, it isn't my money and £500,000 for two months does sound like an awful lot but actually, it only means we are paying him £58,000 a week and for a player that supported the club as a boy and should be fit and very much ready to play - why not?

The Fonz, Weimann, Gabby and Heskey

Actually, there is a reason or two why this is a waste of money. First - do we need another striker. We have Gabby, Heskey, The Fonz, Weimann and Bent just waiting to play - do we really need a sixth?

Okay, again, you could argue that Gabby isn't great as a lone striker and his best position is actually on the left and you could argue that Heskey is past his best, but I'd still play Gabby and Heskey - one in the middle and one on the left.

I'd also be more than happy to give the likes of Weimann and The Fonz more football time - they both need a run of ten games each where they start and end the match and they both know that is going to happen. But, we have a certain Darren Bent in the side - so it is going to be difficult to play anyone else.

Darren Bent

You see, Darren Bent is one of the best English strikers today and when he is fit, you have to play him, because if you give him the opportunities, he will score goals. The thing is, there is a lot of speculation surrounding Bent at the moment and a possible move to Liverpool.

The CEO however has said he isn't going anywhere, so why can we not just believe that? I'll tell you why - because of Darren Bent.

Bent likes to move on. Since moving to Charlton in 2005 he hasn't settled and he spends no more than two years at a club and with our manager playing the style of football that our manager is famed for - can you really blame Bent wanting to leave so he can secure his place for the tournament this summer?

So, while our CEO has said Bent is going nowhere and I believe him - there is every chance that Bent might have tried to engineer a move away, because the football under this manager is not going to make it easy for Fabio Capello to pick him because with this manager at the club - Capello doesn't even bother to visit these days.

So - why not Keane; we have players that should be played in front of him and as for Bent, our CEO has said it isn't going to happen and we saw in the summer with Spurs that actually - the players do not control everything, the club does, so I believe the CEO.