Bruce is the man, Agbonlahor isn't

Anyone that has read this blog since the end of last season will know that I wanted Steve Bruce in as our manager. That we didn't get him when we should have is actually why we find ourselves where we do. I still have faith he'll get it right, but we're going to need something quite special to happen for us to end up in the top six now and then get up.

But it's because Steve Bruce didn't have the summer that he is struggling and lets be clear, it's the fault of the owner and CEO that we are not challenging.

But this post isn't about that, it's about Agbonlahor and I don't think it's a coincidence that our little slide coincides with him coming back into the fold. He's rotten, much like Micah Richards and to coin a terrace chant, he's not fit to wear the shirt.

And I don't mean he's overweight or physically not fit. You've all heard of the fit and proper persons test, but did you know that in 2014, the NHS started to use it too. A NHS Trust 'must not “appoint or have in place” a director who has been responsible for, privy to, contributed to or facilitated any serious misconduct or mismanagement (whether unlawful or not) in the course of carrying on a regulated activity'.

It's basically the same as owners and directors of football clubs and it highlights Agbonlahor to the core; serious misconduct. Some have called him a cancer and while I think that not a nice thing to say about anyone, it's him. His worthlessness spreads throughout the team and he has to go. He's also a striker that doesn't score goals. He's not very good, he's just a local boy doing what we'd all love.

Is this harsh? I don't think it is. He took a huge dump on the Club and supporters last season and has done for years. He also doesn't care what anyone writes or says about him. Footballers today live in a different world and as long as they are paid, they'll say and do anything. You could say, if that was true, that Agbonlahor is a whore.

I like Steve Bruce, but every time he plays Agbonlahor, it makes me doubt him a little bit. I mean, just look at his record - do we still think he's a prospect that is going to come good? We need something that Gabby can not deliver, so why not play one of the youngsters? If you have a good reason, I'll listen, but I'm baffled as to why Bruce continues to play him because I sort of thought better of him.

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