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Burton Albion, video of the day and trouble soon

The season doesn't start today but football is back. Okay, it's pre-season and the result means nothing, but for some, this is going to be fun. I like it, I really do, but it means nothing. Pre-season is like PR - all nice and some buy into it, but it means nothing.

The real season starts on August 18th when we beat West Ham in London. Everything before that is of little real significance. Even when Gabby scores his hat-trick somewhere and tells us about how ready he is for this season.

And that's it. No new players since last time, no real speculation although I liked the Milner and Carroll stories I read somewhere and apart from something I read on Twitter about an Everton supporter suggesting their club is bigger than Aston Villa, nothing else to write about. For the record, Everton are not bigger, they're not even this biggest club in their own city.

I could get myself into trouble soon

So, that's it. The US tour is next week, kicking off in Philadelphia on the 18th and there is a big rumour that Lerner will be there.

But that isn't why I'm going to get myself into trouble. I'm going to get myself in trouble for something else. But not now. Soon, probably.

Video of the day

Villa Banter

Thought I'd just drop a reminder here that we've created a sort of forum right here and you can login with your Facebook or Twitter account or even register - and to win the new home or away short next week, you are going to have to be leave your answer on it - so why not go have a look and join in?