Business done and it feels good to be an Aston Villa fan at the moment

It all feels good at the moment. The real business is done, the players are getting to know each other and the football again and the season kicks off in just under a month.

I mean, it just feels nice at the moment and there is another phrase, but I just can't think of it at the moment. I think it feels especially nice too when it appears like it isn't working out as it should be for so many other clubs at the moment.

I mean, look at Everton; they've brought in a manager that will play three at the back, more used to relegation battles than anything else and they're about to lose Baines and Fellaini. It really could be horrible season for them.

Then look at Stoke and their appointment of Mark Hughes. You just have to feel sorry for them, they're going to have a horrid time of it this season and I will be putting money on them to go down. But it isn't just teams of little significance.

David Moyes very clearly isn't Sir Alex Ferguson. Business is usually done for Manchester United by this stage of the summer but it looks like nobody wants to play for Moyes and you know what, I'm not surprised things are not going as smoothly for him.

This is a very bold prediction, but I can see Manchester United finishing outside of the top four if Moyes is manager at the end of the season.

But then you've got Mourinho who seems to want to reunite players from 8 years ago. Mourinho is special and I can see Chelsea winning the League with him, but it could so easily backfire for him too. But, I also suspect that if it is not working out as planned come January, he will go out and spend, by which time, I'm not so sure that many players will want to sign for Manchester United, if they're not top of the table ten points clear.

And there are others, but it doesn't matter today. The point of the post was just to say that it's nice that the business is done and that we can look forward. It feels like and I've remembered that phrase now, that things are getting done properly for a change and long may it continue.

Before I go

That young lad outside Bodymoor is doing it again. Check out his videos here and even though there are no real surprises, you've got to smile when watching.