Name in the hat and all that Jack, or maybe Callum

I shared a thought last night towards the end of the match. Something like, after tonight you've got to fancy that Hogan, Green and O'Hare should all start at the weekend. Most agreed with most of that statement but many were not that impressed with Green.

And that surprised me. I understand why many didn't think he had his best game, but he showed determination and willingness and considering the conditions he was asked to play in, I don't think he could have done any better in that role. And most importantly, the youngsters have to get a run, not just an appearance in the League Cup.

I stand by my thought last night and I'd love to see these three start at the weekend. But that isn't all. I'd also like to see Onomah and Hourihane start too. But the player that stood out for me last night and I think others ... Callum O'Hare ... didn't he look good!

And I think there are others that share this opinion and that means, unless we dish out a spanking at the weekend, there will be some that say someone else should have played. Me, I'd like a spanking but I just want three points and it's a long season, so even if I don't buy into it, if the manager wants to make changes week in week out, I wont mind as long as we win.

Bacuna and Amavi

In other news, the two mentioned above are close to leaving and this isn't speculation, it's from the manager. I don't think any of us are going to be that bothered and while Bacuna came in for quite a bit of slack in previous times, Amavi never really lived up to the potential after his injury.

I also think we've got cover for both and it was always part of the plan to let them go. But again, they'll not be missed, but remembered.

At Cardiff

So, this weekend we travel to Wales and it's a match we must get three points in. It comes down to Aston Villa having played two games in the League and while you can argue again that you don't have to have six points after two games, having one or two is most definitely not good enough.

We have enough to beat this team, but we have to go out with the ambition of creating chances and scoring goals. And a few of them. We can't go out and hope to win 1-0 even if that is all we need for the three points.