Can Aston Villa make it five in a row against Sheffield United?

So, what a week. We've signed a Manchester United player, that was never going to get into the Manchester United team, until the end of the season, to play in a position where I think we're actually covered. It's not the player I was hoping for.

But January isn't over yet and there is still a chance we can get that player that will lift everyone and strengthen the starting eleven. Look, don't get me wrong, it's nice that we're giving a little experience to Tuanzebe and he may turn out to be valuable, but he's not the player we need right now, we want to keep disruption to a minimum and we want risks to be calculated.

I'm not saying he's a gamble, I'm saying I don't know why we've brought him in. But it's done and sure, it will be nice to see if he's as good as some make him out to be.

But enough about what has happened this week, lets look at what happened last week. Yes, it's been a while since I posted.


Looking the part

That's four wins in a row, we're three points from second, we're second in the current form table and there are 18 games still to go. Now, I know some don't think Steve Bruce should be the manager, but those same people will also have to accept that changing things now would likely be catastrophic and doing so would not be a wise decision.

So, in his first full season as manager after taking over one of the biggest Clubs in the country going through one of the worst periods in recent history, you've got to say that it could be a lot worse.

And with our next match against Sheffield United on Tuesday, we've had a nice weekend too. I mean, the match isn't going to be a walk in the park and five in a row would be quite impressive, but it was nice to not have football for one weekend.

So for me, I'm just looking forward to Tuesday. Win and optimism will be at a season high for many. Lose and despite our position, I'm sure some will find a way to be able to demonstrate why Steve Bruce has to go. I'll be there to remind them that there are 17 games to go and plenty of time.

But I've got a good feeling for Tuesday. But I'm blind to the real world apparently.