Cancel the season and move on and let Jack be Jack

So, what's been going on? And yes, that has been the longest time between posts.

But, it's a strange time and because of the times we are living in, this post might not all be about football. But it's going to start on Jack Grealish and I suppose you all know why. But there is so much we don't know and while I'll get into trouble with my views on this, it's just my views and it is the way it is.

You see, Jack is Jack. Jack is special. Now, he did wrong by going out, but he's 24 years old and he sort of is better than us and he sort of can do these things. Let me explain.

First, his age. He's still a lad and he wants to have fun. He wasn't the only 24 year old that went out that night, he's just the highest profile one that got caught. And didn't we all break the rules at 24? And do you think that all these players are staying at home? If you they're all staying home you probably think that players are not tapped up and they are surprised when an offer comes in from another club.

And Jack has access to options that we don't. He's also grown up in a bubble where he usually does get away with it. It's the bubble that gives him these options and should he be blamed for that when the game has created it? And because he's so good, that's what makes him special. He wouldn't be so good if he was like everyone else and none of us really want that.

But enough about Jack, there is more to write and we should all just let Jack be Jack as long as he's delivering on the pitch and he is delivering. And he's delivered enough for his career at Aston Villa, but that is another post and I'm not convinced he will leave or even really wants to, despite his desire to play at the very highest level and that he could.

The season

So, main question on all our lips, is what is going to happen to the season? I think I wrote this in the last post, but for me the logical decision for me is to cancel the season. Doing that will mean the decision is made, we can move on and be best prepared to start next season when we're supposed to, probably behind closed doors.

You see, I'm not convinced the season will be able to start with supporters, as things stand now. Delaying it even longer puts us closer to risking next season and the unknown of what is happening isn't helping anyone. Cancelling the season now means a strategy can be made for starting next season behind closed doors. Best case scenario would allow for supporters, but, so much is still unknown.

And cancelling the season isn't nice for anyone, mostly the Clubs that would have been promoted, but this is one of those moments that the insurance companies like to call 'force majeure' and when that happens, they don't pay out. It's not nice, especially for Liverpool fans, but it is what it is. And deep down, while we all want to see more football, most would like to know that the season is over and there is a high chance of next season starting when it's supposed to.

With the right strategy, the best plan can be made. Right now, there isn't enough time and it impacts next season. And deep down, if this was offered to all Premier League Club and supporters, I think most would actually take it, because they are then given the time to make things work for the start of next season. That it would mean we stay up and Liverpool don't win the League, is just a bonus.

But sure, if the virus is gone next week and a miracle vaccine is created the week after and we know for sure it's not going to mutate into something else, lets adapt and finish the season. But all things are pointing to weeks more of this and is it worth putting peoples lives at risk, for the pleasure of watching a football match and dare I say it, for money?

What's next?

So, I had a little scan of NewsNow and couldn't find anything interesting. I wanted to post a match below from YouTube but couldn't find anything you wouldn't have already seen. So, not really sure what is next today.

Are you all enjoying working from home or getting time off? With the work I do, things are actually getting busier with some customers and pausing with others, so it's all about the same, only I'm working from home a lot more and I'm four weeks into a cough now, but fever and cold have gone. Still not tested but that is the only complaint I have about Sweden. I mean, the pubs are still open.

On that, lets wait for news and if you've got any good stories to share or links, put them below.