We can't sack Steve Bruce, not now anyway

I made a point today, or I should say my schedule made a point for me, to not go reading what people online were saying about Steve Bruce. I've looked now, but before I did, I actually spoke to a couple of people. I think I might do that more often.

When you write that the owner is a fake Doctor or he's borrowed the money or bent the truth and you put it on the internet, there is no way back. It's there forever and nobody, for the most part can question it and you'll defend it forever, because that is what we do on the internet.

When you speak to someone in real life and you take the time to hear their opinion, question it and reason with them, more often than not, you can agree. Today, I didn't even need to reason with the two Aston Villa fans I spoke to this morning because they both agreed it would be foolish to sack Steve Bruce now.

One did say that if things didn't turn around after ten games he couldn't see him staying the job, but he also said that that was because the owner tends to respond to what users on Twitter write and that that was one of the bigger problems we have. The other said that there is no better manager at getting out of this League and his record proved it.

The general consensus was that three games is nowhere near enough.

But when I look on Twitter and Facebook and in the comments below, it baffles me that some can't see it. Yes, there was last season and it's more than three games but it's only three games after this pre-season and it has to get bad before it can get better.

And I know some have it in for Steve Bruce. But seriously, put personal feelings to one side and think about this rationally. He is, right now, the best chance we have. What do you hope to have happen; the owner sack him with a few days of the transfer window left and allow the new manager more money? Our owner doesn't have any to give!

Shit, I've done it again. It's on the internet forever now.

Look, I'll admit that things haven't started as we would have liked. I'll also admit that it's quite possible that there are candidates out there that we could bring in. But who is going to want to come to a Club where the supporters turn on you so quickly when the job is so big? And less than a season is quickly.

Sacking Steve Bruce would be a mistake if only because he needs a proper chance. I've written it so many times now it's like a broken record, but it's just common sense. But to show that I'm not blind, if after 20 games we're not within touching distance, I'll jump on the bandwagon and everyone can tell me that they were right and I was wrong.

But at least I'll know I was fair.