Capello rates Heskey but he doesn't start for Villa. How sure is O'Neill of his team?

Fabio Capello has managed the likes of Roma, Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid. He was won Serie A seven times, the Supercoppa four times, the Champions League and La Liga. He also picks Emile Heskey as if he was the first name down on the team sheet.

Yet, we ask in a quick question yesterday if we should sell or keep him and most say get rid. However, Martin O'Neill isn't picking him either, so that then doesn't raise questions about us as supporters, because what do we know about football, it raises questions about O'Neill.

Or does it? It could be that they are trying to play two different ways, one suits Heskey, the other doesn't. Formation is also important. Maybe O'Neill doesn't think Heskey is good enough to oust and in form Gabby when he would very much be the second big man, with Carew playing very deep, midfield some might say.

But, forget about Heskey and formations for a minute, we've done those two subjects to death. The question today is; has O'Neill finally settled on some positions with his team?

Gabby looks a shoe in. Webcam, Milner and Petrov are certain starters as long as they have two legs. Defensively he looks more certain about his players and he has cover, which with our luck over the past few seasons, are sure to get fairly regular football.

What is the point of this post though. Well, I've been thinking about it for a while now and I actually got my mental pen and paper out last night to figure out what else O'Neill needs and wanted to know what others thought. It struck me that he only needs three more players and we should confidently be playing top four football and finishing in one of those positions. Five more and I believe we could be challenging for the league.

The thing with writing what I've just written though is I have to also write a disclaimer and here it comes. O'Neill is in his fourth season and he has done well. He has brought in the level of player that has taken us as far as we have come. Those five extra players are to improve our first team and must be real quality.

If you want, we can call it three, but those three players must be the real top quality players we were promised and they cost money. But, the squad is built and with the exception of Reo-Coker and Heskey who might, squad wise, be replaced by players coming through, that is what we need now to kick on.

So, forget everything else that has gone on, does O'Neill have the pull and will Lerner provide the funds? I suspect Lerner does know he needs proper money and it is surprising how quickly the selling up rumour vanished without hearing anything from the club, but assume for a minute Lerner does provide the funds and that O'Neill does have the pull, how many does he need and who would you like?

If you hadn't guessed, I'm sat here all day with nothing else to do.