Captain Jack, a spanking and next Sunday

Your Sunday mornings wont get much better. Okay, they can but yesterday was good wasn't it? I mean four-nil, goal of the season and Jack Grealish back and as captain.

But it wasn't just Jack. Hause looked very good and Mings was very big. Not nice to see Elphick go off and I've not read anything about it this morning, but it didn't look good. El Ghazi played well too and actually, they all played well and it was all because they wanted it more.

It just looked like there was more time and they chased things down. It was made easier I guess because we scored early and that gave the confidence. Going in at four up at half time though meant that the second half wasn't going to be a repeat.

But wasn't it a great first half. If we could do that every match we'd have nothing to worry about. But was it all us?

I only ask because Derby, I think, have only won two League matches this year and it's starting to look like things have worn off for Frank. Football management is harder than getting a job because of your name and what you did in the game as a player. I think Frank is starting to figure that out and I think also that the players are.

I mean no disrespect to Frank the Bank, but he's only got the job because of doing something else in the game. The only experience he has of management is what he has done this season and he got a team that finished in the top six last season. He's not making them better.

Next week now

And I'm not saying we forget yesterday, it was lovely and I'm watch the goal on repeat today. I've even shared it with friends. But we have to look to next Sunday. Next Sunday is what this season seems to be about for me.

And only because right now, we've got a fan at the top and a fan captaining and we've got us lot. It will be different next Monday, but right now I just feel like next Sunday is where we should be focusing. We need to win next Sunday and hopefully it was more than just Derby were bad. Hopefully it was a little bit about Jack and Hause and Mings and Tammy and El Ghazi and Whelen and dare I say it, Jed Steer.

And I think it will be, I'm just not counting my chickens. But we are just six points from top six and there are a lot of points still to play for.

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