Chelsea, Gabby, Richards, Stan Collymore enters the Aston Villa Glossary and a video worth a listen

Normally, I'm quite a happy chap when it comes to Saturday after one of those funny breaks for the international matches. And if you want I can scrape the barrel of optimism and blind faith and churn out a few lines, but the truth is I'd feel like I was conning you. So I'm not going to bother.

It would also be too easy. I like to think of it as doing a Stan Collymore. That should go into the Aston Villa Glossary page, so if you ever read me talking about doing a Stan Collymore - it means I'm taking the easy way out. Naturally it could also mean many things, but for now, it's the easy way out or believing my own hype.

I'm not going to write about what Stan did this week. If you don't know, you don't need to and if you do, you don't need to have my opinion thrown down your throat. And my views on Stan are pretty well documented, but wouldn't it be nice if we had a former modern day player that we could all look to as someone that spoke for us supporters.

Stan is close, but he doesn't engage his brain. He also writes and says things that are border line delusional. And his rants on the radio are pretty epic. I tuned in one night by accident and heard him having a pop at someone that called in - I was honestly a little embarrassed for him. But this post isn't about him. I'm not really sure it's about Chelsea either because we're 5/1 to win at home. It's a price not even I am going to jump on and that's the type of price that I normally would after a change.

I'm not actually sure what this post is about to be fair. We're playing Chelsea in a few hours and there are seven supporters that think we can get something out of this. Gabby isn't one. Aha, I could write about Gabby because he's taken a shit on Aston Villa these past few days and he's done it thinking he's going to get a move away.

Lets talk about Gabby

And he's probably learnt it from Micah Richards, who is a poor excuse for a Premier League player, he really is. Micah and Gabby are good examples of how the game is broken. They both showed early promise. Gabby for his speed and Micah for his size. Literally, it was just those things. Basically both were better than all the others at their age because of one thing and they used it.

So both progressed and as soon as they reached the first team, they had one season where they showed promise. It's a little like how two out of three managers that come up from the Championship show promise only to fail the second season. Both failed, but both didn't want to lose what they had and they were both on good contracts by now.

But both were ultimately lazy. Many regard Gabby as a cancer within Aston Villa while many talk about what a great guy Micah Richards is. These stories go around so nobody starts talking about the real story; they're not very good football players. We could drop down into League One and get players of equal standing - with these two players, you're buying PR and promise - neither player will win you anything and they'll just cost you money. They've known it for years.

Let me put it this way; do you think that was the first time Gabby has smoked a pipe or cigar or done a line of coke? We all know it's not. But it's the first time that he's allowed himself to be pictured doing these things. Gabby might look, act and sound stupid, but when you're earning £50,000 a week, you can afford to hire someone to tell you not to make stupid mistakes. Gabby wants a move away and we should let him go. I mean, 72 League goals in 11 seasons. Someone reading this post could have done better.

Team news soon

So, there you go. It was supposed to be about Chelsea but turned into how shit Micah Richards and Gabby are. But we'll have team new soon and then I'll be back. I might even get out into the garden for a bit before kick off. I've got to do something. Until then, I'll leave you with the video of the day. Wait for it. I'm going to go do something in the garden.