Could this be the week that Aston Villa do most of the summer transfer business?

This is the week. I tweeted something last week saying that I'd heard something was happening the first week in July and yesterday I pretty much predicted that Downing would be in the news this week wanting out, so you could say I'm putting my neck on the line that something will happen this week.

It probably wont now and it is quite difficult for someone to know with absolute certainty that a deal will be completed ten days in advance, but all things point to players coming in, mostly because we need them.

But what is the most important position we have to fill, apart from the glaringly obvious man between the sticks? Yes, that is a question and you can answer it below.

Why rock the boat and give youth a chance

To add a little spice to it, I'm going to say something that might surprise - I think we need only one more player and that is factoring in Downing doing the off this week or next.

I wont tell you right off the bat what position I think we need to fill is and yes, we probably need four or five for the squad, but I was merely talking about the starting eleven. You see, we might as well play the youngsters to see if they are good enough. If we don't, we are just back in that cycle.

We have a winger in Albrighton, we have three central midfielders in Gardner, Delph and Bannan that can play alongside Petrov and we also have Gabby who can and has played wide. We also have a left back and right back and four central defenders.

I'm just trying to say that we don't need that many players and that I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of our business was concluded this week, or could be.

So, there it is. Could this be the week? I think it is, but I'm only going on a hunch and an email from someone that I don't really know, but it would be nice if it was mostly all done early, wouldn't it?