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Darren Bent, Martin O'Neill, joking aside and up next

I tweeted something at the weekend about Darren Bent going to QPR and it went something like; if Bent goes, he'll keep QPR up. I retract that statement.

QPR are a mess and it will take more than Darren Bent. However, if he goes, he will score goals, because that is what Darren Bent does. Darren Bent is a goal scorer. Darren Bent is to goalscoring just like Martin O'Neill is to getting found out.

Darren Bent signs for Aston Villa, soon to leave Aston Villa, probably for QPR

And seeing as I started on Darren Bent, it does look like he is off. Nobody believes the 'he picked up a foot injury in training' line. Most people actually believe the rumours that were doing the rounds on Twitter at the weekend that he was caught with another players girlfriend. I don't. I think he is too smart to get caught.

Joking aside. When a club spends the type of money that we did on the type of player that Darren Bent is, you have to commit to that player. But this is one of the problems with the game. We get a manager who makes all these changes and then in two or three years, we get another that wants to make all these changes again.

What do they say about people that keep making the same mistake? Anyway, enough about Darren Bent, we need to take a moment to wind up Martin O'Neill.

Martin O'Neill, Martin O'Neill, Randy Lerner and Martin O'Neill

Hands up, before the match, I thought it was going to be tough, but that was because I hadn't bothered to look at the statistics of Sunderland. They'd scored only five goals in their last eight league matches at home and had only had 13 shots on target in their nine Premier League games this season.

Now, that isn't typical O'Neill, but remember, this is O'Neill that hasn't spent that much money and what he has spent, he'd had to think about it. This is the real deal O'Neill and he is getting found out as the next Gordon Strachan.

Or actually, was he the first Gordon Strachan? Is O'Neill the benchmark on which all managers in Scotland are now rated? This is where the banter comes; I could manage Celtic and finish first or second.

Anyway, this is just a post to get the week going, because it was a great feeling winning at the weekend, even if Sunderland are a very poor side. A win is a win and I've long written Ill take anything as long as it is three points.

Up next

So this is where we have to take a deep breath and not get carried away because we have Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal coming up. One win doesn't make a season, but it was nice, it was really nice. Especially when you consider there were so many Aston Villa players in the team.

Also, we had a competition at the weekend to win a signed shirt by predicting the score of the match. More than one of you picked 1-0 to us so at some stage in the next day or three, I'm going to do an on air Google Hangout where all the names will be put into a hat and I'll draw one out. It will also be recorded.