David O'Leary, like a joke that just keeps giving, wants another job, will he ever get one?

There are not many people we like to have fun with these days. It used to be Doug Ellis for a while, but then we got told a few things about his efforts to sell the club and got shown a couple of things that backed that up, so we left him alone.

Then there was Bill Howell but every time we started in on him, it felt wrong as it was like shooting a sitting duck with no wings and no ability to paddle away, so we stopped with that too.

Then there is the club. There is a not very nice person working with the press and we always like to have a joke at the expense of Jack Woodward, but he can take it and he shrugs it off and we shouldn't forget the media department, but they are slowly getting their act together and while they are still making mistakes, they will learn by it.

One person we haven't stopped having a laugh at is David O'Leary and he's the man that keeps giving. He is putting his name about trying to find a job in management.

David O'Leary, from TalkSport
I would love to get back into it this afternoon. But I was nearly there a couple of months ago, but the jobs that have been offered, I just didn’t feel they were right and the way it’s turned out, I think it was the right decision.

I would love to tell you now that I’m getting back into it this afternoon but as I say if the right job comes along, David O’Leary would love to take it.

Asked if the job offer was at Newcastle, the Irishman replied
I wouldn’t like to say too much because I agreed not to say too much but you mightn’t be too far away.

Now, I'll leave the basics to you guys but he shouldn't be ridiculed for not having the skills to be a success in football management. We don't all have the opportunities to give it a go and just because he took Leeds from 3rd, to 4th and then to 5th in successive seasons before taking us backwards every season, it doesn't mean he shouldn't get another chance.

I'm also sure he's a nice enough guy to sit down with and have a chat too over a glass of wine or two but managing a football team really shouldn't be something he should try again.

Even after spending all that money at Leeds he failed. He failed at Aston Villa and if a club in the land is willing to give him a go at managing then that club is either willing to take a huge risk, think Championship side or they are desperate and fancy he might have something, think League One or Two.

If I were David O'Leary and I was serious about getting back into football management then he has to stop touring himself about every few months and get back involved in the lower leagues and prove himself as a manager or even do a Second Choice Steve and go overseas and make a success of himself at a club that really doesn't have any money and has to rely on the team and their development.

I know this is very loosely linked to Aston Villa, but he does just keep giving and well, the touring of himself every few months does seem a bit desperate so we will give him a little exposure. So, if you own a small provincial football team and you are a looking for a new manager willing to prove himself, David O'Leary is your man.

I for one would think a little bit more of him if that is what he did, but we all know O'Leary is only in it for himself and for what he can get out of it.

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