Defeat to Newcastle, Norwich up next and song of the day

You could really easily argue that we were unlucky not to get a point yesterday. Newcastle scoring with just seconds to go is why. But then, we only had two shots on target in ninety minutes, so you can't say we were unlucky not to win.

And even though I don't think we'll go down, I'm finding it hard to find three worse sides than us at the moment and we are very close to the bottom three. And that really is worrying.

What is even more worrying is that we're now bottom of the current firm table for teams playing at home and we have Norwich next week, a team on the same points as us and a horrible last four games of the season, so they'll be fighting for everything they can get.

How difficult can it be?

And I'm starting to seriously question the manager. What had Bertrand done wrong yesterday to come off? Why did we bring in Grant Holt? And why are we only having two shots on target against the worst home side in the league on current form?

I mean, we're two seasons in now and I'm not seeing anything. And I know it doesn't take this long to change things. Yes, I want to believe it's the quality of player, but at the same time I'm not seeing the ones that he has brought in develop either and our football is still the same.

All I see Lambert doing is cheering on from the touchline as if he doesn't have faith in the players the way he wants them to play. Actually, now that I write that, I suspect that they don't actually go out with a strategy or game plan or if there is one, it's run run run and hit long.

This isn't the nicest post to wake up to on a Monday morning, but what positives can we take from yesterday? Anyway, Lambert bingo below (key phrases highlighted and a video, to set you up for the week. I'm going for breakfast.

Lambert bingo

It's a hard one to take, very much so. I thought we deserved a draw. I don't think we deserved to lose it. I thought a draw would probably have been fair.

We were great in the first half. We had chance after chance and looked threatening. At the end I didn't think anyone was going to score. Newcastle had a bit of pressure in the second half but I didn't think there was much in it.

I thought we dominated the first half. We were very good in the first half and looked a threat. We might have scored but it never materialised. It was a defensive error from ourselves and we have been punished. You don't lose a goal with 30 seconds to go. The disappointing thing is that we had the ball.

Defensively we should have knocked it up the pitch and then the game is finished. You kick the ball as far as you can up the pitch. We got away with it when Ron tried to beat the lad on the line. That happens and then you think it's going to be okay. You can't take anything away from the lad after the finish but we should have seen the game through.

It's a right hard place to play and you can't take a chance. We took too many chances.

Song of the day