Didn't deserve to lose, supporting Arsenal and maybe even Spurs

That was a hard defeat to take because I'm not sure we deserved to lose. We played good football, had opportunities and with Ramires getting sent off just before half time, it feels like we should have got more.

But it was almost as if the day was set up for Lampard and with Benteke getting sent off, it provided an opportunity for Chelsea that they were not going to miss. And that is the difference between us and teams like Chelsea at the moment.

But they buy that and we're developing it. When we catch up, which we will if we continue down this road we are on, then we will be stronger for it. But that is part of the process.

Come on Arsenal

And the results from yesterday didn't go the ideal way, so it puts all our focus on tomorrow and the match between Arsenal and Wigan. Fortunately Arsenal need to win to move above Spurs and a draw doesn't help.

Now, I worried, like a lot of people that it could come down to the last game of the season and if it wasn't for some results of late it could very well have come down to that, but as of today, I really do fancy Arsenal to win tomorrow night.

If Arsenal don't win, it then does come down to the last game of the season, but if that is the case then Spurs play Sunderland in London and Spurs are going to want to win too. It could be that it comes down to the last game of the season, but we could be saved, regardless of what happens.

It isn't out of ours hands, but it could be delivered for us is what I'm saying. Or actually, what I'm saying is, there are still as of writing this, too many things that could or couldn't happen. It all starts with tomorrow night and that is why I'll be supporting Arsenal.

If they win or even draw, then we can rest easy for the summer and enjoy the weekend.