Disappointing Liverpool defeat and a look to Spurs

It's not a surprise that we lost to Liverpool but it's easy to write that we were unfortunate. A cynical person might even blame a player or two but I think we should look at how we are approaching games and performing as a really positive indicator.

And if our performances keep getting better we can all be very happy. As the players get used to it, they'll get better too. And as they get better, as long as the players around them are also getting better, as a team the results will come.

When we see a player not keeping up, that is when we need to replace and I'd not be surprised if the manager already knows. And I'm not naming any names, but I suspect we all see where there is a player or two that isn't going to make it. One is quite obvious for me, the other is just a hunch, but time will tell.

What I will say is we need to get better at finishing. We had some really good chances against Liverpool that we just didn't convert and with some better finishers, there is a good chance we'd not have lost that game.

And with January arriving later this week the manager might very well have identified a player or two that will make this team better, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is a player or two coming in and a player or two leaving.

And in January, our first match of the new year is Spurs and Spurs are a little like Liverpool at the moment. They've got a manager that has got his team playing a certain style and they've got a quality of player that can deliver. But if we can convert more of the chances we are going to create, I think we're in a good place.

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