Does Curtis Davies really have any critics?

I know I shouldn't rise to the local press, but sometimes I think Bill Howell does it to wind us up. Today there is an article on the Birmingham Mail website titled 'Aston Villa defender Curtis Davies hits back at critics' and I for one am baffled.

Okay, it could be that Curtis doesn't read the press or visit the websites and if that is the case, I put the blame firmly at the feet of Howell. He could know this, so he loads his questions to Curtis, but if Curtis does read the press and if he does visit the websites, I'd just like to set the record straight today.

Curtis, you are good enough. In fact, I'll put my head on the block and say, that if you continue to play like you have and if you get a settled partnership going with someone, maybe even Carlos Cueller, I fancy you'll be travelling with the England squad to South Africa next year and in time, you'll become a regular fixture for club and country.

Davies is only 24 years old and last season had to play with Laursen, Knight and Cueller in central defence. He also had to contend with the likes of Barry, Young and Shorey at left back and Reo-Coker, Gardner, Milner, Cueller and Young at right back. It can't be easy having to chop and change the back four, in fact, I know it isn't.

I'm going to go further and say that Curtis Davies is one of the players that will become vital for us in seasons to come and maybe even next season. He is young, very talented and is a strong presence.

But before I go, if it is a case that Curtis doesn't read the press or the websites, I hope a member of his family or a friend does and that one of them tells him about this post.

I do want to add a disclaimer to this post and it's in particular reference to Carlos. We've not seen enough of him yet in his preferred position, in a solid back four.

Yes, things change and yes players will be asked to play out of position, but I fancy, he could develop a very strong relationship with Curtis, but if O'Neill were to spend big and bring in a big central defender to play with Curtis, I think none of us would be surprised.

The main part of my disclaimer is, that I think they could be good together and that they need matches together. We shouldn't write them off just yet and if they are given the chance, I suspect it could work. With maybe not much money available this summer, it might be that we have to accept those two as our central defensive partnership for next season and while it might not be ideal for some, I think it could come good.