Don't give me time to think, I come up with stuff like this

I'm really looking forward to the World Cup. I'm desperate for some football. Last night in bed, I watched AC Milan v Ajax from 2003, I was that desperate for a match. And then I got thinking.

When the club suspended Culverhouse the Muppet and Gary Karsa, stories were quick to surface that Lambert supported the decision but like it or not, the decision was made and it firmly put Lambert in his place. I still think it had something to do with the cocaine story that went about at the same time, but that's just me putting two and two together.

My point is, Lambert looked a smaller man after that happened. And now there is serious speculation that we're about to appoint Roy Keane as his number two, arguably a bigger personality and better player in his time.

But it's also fair to say that Keane wasn't a huge success as a manager. Saying that, his win rate as a Premier League manager is as good, if not just a little bit better (it's early and I've not double checked my numbers) and for me, I just can't see Roy Keane settling for a number two job.

And then on my way into the office this morning, I started thinking. In the two full seasons we've had Lambert, we've only seen glimpses of decent football, we've flirted with relegation and we've managed to break some old and not very positive records. Can it actually get much worse?

What I mean is, if Lambert was to get the sack and we were to appoint Roy Keane, would we be thinking we've gone backwards?

October is the month

And I've written for a while now that I want to give Lambert time and I want him to develop the players and the way we play football a certain way. I don't think it takes as long as some will have you believe and I firmly believe that if you play the right way, you get better results and that is why I'm not calling for his head like others, instead I'm saying give him until October.

Come October, if the football isn't clearly much better (as such the results will be better) then I think someone has to be quite clinical and they have to let him go. If that were to happen, why not give Roy Keane another go?

And that is why I've done a question today around Lambert or Keane. Hand on heart, who would you prefer right now? I'm asking the question because if the numbers back Keane over Lambert and he's not even appointed yet and isn't exactly proven, what does that say about Lambert in the eyes of the supporters?

Question of the day