Don't sack Lambert and officially the worst side in the Premier League

I have to tell you and I know this is going to go against what others think, but I don't like booing. And at half time and full time against Liverpool at the weekend boos were heard at Villa Park. Don't get me wrong, if you pay your money you have the right, but how is booing going to help?

But it doesn't matter any more. At the weekend there was an opportunity for supporters to show the owner that they were not happy and instead, most decided not to and most decided instead to boo. And guess what, it's official, there are now not three worse sides than us. In fact, Aston Villa are bottom of the current form table now so there are not any worse sides than us in the Premier League.

To make it even better, there are no more home games between now and the end of the transfer window so there are no more opportunities for Aston Villa supporters to show that they want more. Or no more opportunities for Aston Villa fans to boo.

I was listening to the radio earlier and someone actually said that Aston Villa were walking to the Championship. All things point to that at the moment. And unless things change very very quickly, it is going to be a a very tight end to the season and I can see this going down to the final weekend.

Paul Lambert, Randy Lerner and Tom Fox

And the thing is and I don't mean any disrespect when I write this, but Fox and Lerner are not English and they haven't grown up with football. Lerner is in for the money and Fox, I think it's fair to say is in because of what he has done in the past, prior to football.

So these two quite possibly believe what they hear from Lambert and think that they're close. What I heard from Lambert after this match baffled me. It really baffled me.

What protest?

Before I go, I just want to mention the demonstration and I'm calling it that because it was never a protest. We didn't use the word in the open letter and all week, we distanced ourselves from the word as for us, it was never meant to be that, however the media turned it into that and as a result, there were so many negative reactions to it. But in some respects, it was a success.

Sure, we all wanted an empty Holte End, but none of us expected it. But the club were worried. They turned off the TV's in the concourse and there was also no club sponsored flag rolled out for supporters. The truth is, there was talk during the build up to the game on TV, in the papers and on the radio. For me, the demonstration worked - everyone now knows that Aston Villa is a sinking ship.

But it was never to get Paul Lambert sacked or anyone sacked for that matter. The entire point of the demonstration was to highlight what many already know; Aston Villa are in trouble and all we want as Aston Villa fans is the club to be continuously moving in the right direction.

I've long said that Paul Lambert is not the right man but now is not the time to sack him, now is the time to make sure we stay in the Premier League, because on current form there are not any worse sides than us.