Dreaming, Olympiakos and Chelsea tomorrow

So, it's come to this. Me writing that every game is the biggest of the season. Again. It's nice right, that every game is now so important that I genuinely believe it's the biggest game of the season. 

You couldn't have predicted this at the start of the season. I don't, but sometimes I think I'm in a dream and I'm going to wake up. And not one of those regular dreams, this is a full on ludic dream, where I'm controlling it. I could be in that dream right now, typing this on my keyboard in the office.

Am I? Are we? Think about it for a second. If we assume that one day technology will take us to a place where we could, what's to say we aren't. And are you even real? 

Mint, Reuben, Gavin, Hobgoblin, Public Emery #1, the last five of you to leave a comment before I started to write this, are you real people are just part of my dream? Have I made you up?

Yes, it was a late night and I'm still feeling the effects a little. But come on, fourth place with four games to go and a European semi final. Anyone that says they predicted it was going to be this good is as deluded as I felt at 4am this morning.

But what a time to be an Aston Villa fan. 

Chelsea tomorrow

And I suppose this is going to turn into the match post and if it gets done before the match facts from the BBC are published I'll copy those in later, but we sort of know what they will say.

What they wont say is winning tomorrow night will put so much pressure on Spurs that they're either going to rise to it or crumble. If we beat Chelsea tomorrow evening, Spurs need to beat Arsenal on Sunday and if they don't beat Arsenal on Sunday, I'm going to say we will finish fourth.

And that's why this is the biggest match of the season today. So much rests on this match. If we don't win, the gap is 6 points and Spurs are playing for nine. They'll believe they can catch us and not feel so bothered if they only get a point against Arsenal or even lose.

If we don't beat Chelsea, doubt may start to creep in. Maybe we'll start to think that the players have an eye on Olympiakos and not what is right in front of us. And I'm not going to write that I think we'll beat Chelsea because that would be silly. They're a wounded animal and they did beat us in the FA Cup earlier this season, so they'll come here believing they can do it again.

But in other news

Our manager has signed a contract extension and there is talk about a new deal in the summer and that is why I believe there will be no doubt creeping in and no player is going to have an eye on Olympiakos. They will know the importance of this game and they'll be completely focused on this match.

They'll prepare for it the right way and the result tomorrow evening will be they deserve. I have faith. I'm one of those now.

I'm a believer. There is a song there and because I'm in my lucid dream, I'm going to sing it. And before I forget, I think I might have mentioned this in the comments, for the last game of the season, I'll be in Dublin. Any of you in Dublin?