England, Roy, an offer and Aston Villa

If Roy Hodgson was offered a draw before the game, he'd have probably taken it. Me, I like a gamble, but I'd have still taken too. You want to get past the group stage and defeat would have made it just that little bit tougher.

So it all comes down to Friday and this might be stating the obvious, but if we don't win on Friday I think we are coming home after the Ukraine match.

And while I've enjoyed the matches and I'd love to see England do well, I'm not sure it bothers me. I'm actually more interested in the BBQ I'll be having before the football on Friday but I also think we will win, so it doesn't really matter.

Sweden will be well organised and tough, but we really should score one or two and Zlatan isn't going to get the balls he needs to make that much of an impact. As for the Ukraine, I think we'll beat them too and if we win the next two, that will be when I probably start believing. Like a mug.

Aston Villa

So, with the football out of the way, to Aston Villa and there is little to tell you. Cuellar might have a job soon, but he isn't Aston Villa anymore. Paul Faulkner ate four roast beef sandwiches yesterday and is now mixing it up with his sauces.

We've been linked to Simon Poulsen today. This isn't the Poulsen that played for Liverpool but the Poulsen that plays at left back for AZ and because he is a different Poulsen I know very little about him other than he is currently at the club we took Brett Holman from. Maybe they're mates.

There is little else. It was nice to see Mellberg play last night and Milner. I'd like Milner back at Villa. Not Mellberg anymore as he is getting on a bit, but still nice to see him play. I could stretch this out if you want .. but I think I'll leave it at this.

Someone, please, speculation below. Frem, you must have something. Yes, I am getting desperate.