European match day baby: The Dutch are here

Nobody expected the result last time we met this side and I suspect not many are going to predict the result from tonight either. We're a little bruised at the moment and that can go both ways. It will be interesting tonight, not just for that reason, but for that reason for me.

Yes, there are other reasons, it's Europe and if we win it puts us in a very good position to get out of the group, but for me, it's how the team react to getting beaten at the weekend when we all probably thought we were going to win and when it turned out to be a really good opportunity. 

And that is the crux of it for me about the Forest match the other day. We missed a really good opportunity. You could argue that a few others did too on that basis because quite a few sides didn't get the result they thought or hoped they were going to get. Even Chelsea won.

And that's why seeing how they react today is going to be interesting and why it's important for me. 

Anyway, I expect us to win, because of last time and because we are at home, but I also thought we'd beat Nottingham Forest the other day and we didn't, so anything can happen later and not just because I don't know what I'm writing, but because football is a funny old game.

And seeing as we're talking about funny old games, I'm going for a back rub. Need to de-stress a little. Back in a couple of hours.