Even when leading, we didn't look like we wanted to win

We've had two chances to get out of the bottom three and not taken either of them. At the end of the season, if we go down and to me that is looking likely, we'll look at these matches as wasted opportunities. Before Wednesday, we had a real second chance at this season but we've thrown it away.

And this is so easy for me to write while lounging on the sofa in my bedroom but half of me suspects that the manager and team have brushed this off already and we're going to go out on Wednesday and change nothing because essentially we've seen the same thing and heard the same things all season.

We had 27% possession yesterday and when I say we'll change nothing for Wednesday, I mean we're going to go out and not really look to win a game. We're going to play Jack in the wrong position, we're going to focus on putting my behind the ball and hit long and lose the ball.

Everyone knows I like Dean Smith and everyone knows it doesn't really bother me if we go down, but I've sort of accepted it's going to happen and when it does we lose Jack, Super John, Mings and Luiz. It's sad to write this next part, but if that happens, we sort of have to lose Dean Smith.

And we don't have to lose Dean Smith because he couldn't keep those players because nobody would blame them if they left if we went down, it's because even though it wouldn't bother me if we went down, I do want the best for Aston Villa and I do want to see us competing, but to compete we need a different style of football.

It's all in the title of the post for me. I'm not seeing enough attacking football. Every match looks like we want to stop teams scoring and steal something and we play hoping that happens, much like when we hit it long, instead of passing to a player.

I want to be proven wrong, but Newcastle spanked Sheffield United yesterday and we only got a point because technology failed us. We play them on Wednesday and while there are definitely enough games in the season left for us to stay up and we can probably change things, does anyone really think Dean Smith has it in him?