Fabulous Delph and a convincing three points against Everton

Well that was a good result and while not breathing completely easily it's much easier than it was. We're now 14th in the Premier League a full two points from the relegation zone and with a better goal difference (so count that as three points).

And with three games to go, you've got to fancy we're out of it. Sure, you can easily argue that two points is too close to call but QPR and Burnley can't buy a win and with the likes of Newcastle, Sunderland and Hull all battling to stay up and fighting each other, we really do look like a different side completely.

Yesterday we looked like a side that could actually move up a gear and a team that knew what we were doing and it's refreshing to see. I was unsure if Sherwood had what it took to get us out of the mess we were in but it looks like he does and not trying to put a dampener on things, this summer is going to be massively important for him.

Change is inevitable with every transfer window but one of the big mistakes Paul Lambert made every summer was too much change. We have the nucleus of a very good side now and with a fit again Clark, the permanent signing of Cleverley, the hopefully keeping Delph and Benteke in the summer saga, I'm not convinced we need to bring in that many players.

You'd like to hope that Gil settles in during the summer and that we're going to continue to see more of Grealish so if we're got a fit eleven, who is he going to replace?


But that's not the point of the post. It was the Everton match yesterday and how we won and the statistics don't show the true picture for this one. The end statistic for possession was 50/50 and that Everton had more shots on target. But it was 65% in the first half in our favour and Everton didn't even have a shot in the first 45. We controlled the game and with us two up at half time, I don't think you can blame the side for taking their foot off the gas a little.

And starting the second half the way we did ultimately led to a goal for Everton but we did what we seem to do really well now and that was we fought back. Five minutes after the Everton goal we got our third and effectively put the game to bed.

And it was just a positive match. Benteke got two and Cleverley got the third with a well taken finish and overall it was a great team effort. I think Tim Sherwood said it best when speaking after the game he as good as suggested that Delph is one of, if not the best midfielder in the country at the moment.

But it wasn't just those three; Bacuna, Okore and Grealish were all very good. And if the manager is right, they're going to have to stay playing very well right up to the Burnley match.

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